Chef’s Colazione $15
Two free range eggs cooked any style, fennel sausage, roast tomato,
roast potatoes, insalata verde & housemade focaccia

Bennys $13
All benny’s are served with two poached free-range eggs over housemade focaccia,
hollandaise sauce, roast potatoes & insalata verde.

West Coast: BC smoked salmon, capers, sherried onion, fresh dill.
Vegetarian: Sautéed wild mushroom, garlic and onion.
Italian: Served with crispy smoked pancetta.
Vegan: Wild mushrooms, roast tomatoes, spinach, carmelized onion & cannellini bean purée. Ⓥ

Breakfast Carbonara $15
Housemade tagliatelle with smoked pancetta, free-range eggs and pecorino,
topped with a soft poached egg.

Frittata $15
All frittatas made with free range eggs, served with nugget potatoes & insalata verde.

Sautéed spinach onion, garlic, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese.
Spicy chorizo, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese.

Pannetone French toast $13
Fresh seasonal berries, mascarpone vanilla mousse, fruit syrup.

Sandwiches $13

Classic meatball sandwich served with provolone, parmigiano and pomodoro sauce

BC smoked salmon sandwich with tomato, sherry onions, cucumber, capers, arugula and gremolata

One egg $3
Crispy pancetta $4
Fennel sausage $4
Wild-boar pancetta $6
Roast potatoes $3
Side salad $4

Orange Juice $4.5
Regular Coffee $2.75
Espresso $3.25
Americano $3.25
Macchiato $3.25
Cappuccino $4
Latte $4.5
Tea $3

Mimosa $7
Aperol Spritz $7
Double Caesars $10

Ⓥ - Vegan or vegan option available

—Please note menu items and prices are subject to change without notice—

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